Most provincial revenue comes from taxes, which in turn funds the services we use.  How the province chooses to brings in its revenue matters: over the years, our tax burden has shifted away from corporations and onto the individual consumer. While user fees have also steadily increased, the HST most recently has became the lightning rod for voters angry at financial decisions being made which disregard the interest of individuals in favour of business.  Future governments now know that the public must be included in decisions that affect our pocket books.



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MLAs critical of tax break for ports becoming permanent

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It's unjust and unfair that Delta taxpayers will continue to subsidize a big business operating in their community.

That's the reaction from Delta MLAs Vicki Huntington and Guy Gentner following a government announcement that a temporary cap imposed on municipal taxation for port facilities will be made permanent.

Provincial budget brings news, good and bad, for Delta: MLA

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This week the provincial government released its budget for the upcoming year, and at times I felt as if I was sitting through a production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Time to shut door on government goodies cupboard

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Premier Christy Clark refused on Monday to scrap the government's $1.5-million employee-recognition program that allows civil servants to give each other presents and gift cards on the taxpayers' tab, but she did promise to "fix" the program to prevent it from being abused.

B.C. premier defends taxpayer-funded gifts

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VANCOUVER — B.C. Premier Christy Clark is defending a program allowing civil servants to give each other gifts at the taxpayer’s expense, calling it a “widely recognized way” to motivate employees.

At the same time, she conceded a lack of control and added gift giving would be monitored in future.

Critics called her “out of touch.”