Most provincial revenue comes from taxes, which in turn funds the services we use.  How the province chooses to brings in its revenue matters: over the years, our tax burden has shifted away from corporations and onto the individual consumer. While user fees have also steadily increased, the HST most recently has became the lightning rod for voters angry at financial decisions being made which disregard the interest of individuals in favour of business.  Future governments now know that the public must be included in decisions that affect our pocket books.



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Float homes face lease hikes

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Those leasing water lots along the Fraser River say Port Metro Vancouver is making things too expensive.

A meeting organized by MLA Vicki Huntington in Ladner last Thursday saw float home owners and businesses along the river in Ladner discuss concerns about the rate increases, in addition to costly new insurance requirements.

Residents trying to stay afloat

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The cost of living on the water is rising, with lease rates on water lots along the Fraser River set to increase dramatically for float home residents.

Concerned leaseholders planned to meet Thursday night to discuss rate increases, some as high as 79 per cent, as Port Metro Vancouver tries to bring water lot rents up to market value.

Delta float home owners and marinas being hit in pocketbook

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Float home owners and marinas on the Fraser River in Delta are in shock after being handed massive lease increases by Port Metro Vancouver.

Delta South MLA calls emergency meeting on water lot leases

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Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington has called an emergency meeting with float home and marina owners to discuss new demands by Port Metro Vancouver on water lot leaseholders along the Fraser River.