Most provincial revenue comes from taxes, which in turn funds the services we use.  How the province chooses to brings in its revenue matters: over the years, our tax burden has shifted away from corporations and onto the individual consumer. While user fees have also steadily increased, the HST most recently has became the lightning rod for voters angry at financial decisions being made which disregard the interest of individuals in favour of business.  Future governments now know that the public must be included in decisions that affect our pocket books.



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Delta South MLA re-introduces bill to move election date

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Published in the Delta Optimist (online here): 

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington re-introduced legislation Monday aimed at preventing future elections from interfering with the provincial budget process like was the case last year.

Budget a step back for seniors: Huntington

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Victoria, B.C. – Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington says the BC budget is more than the “boring,” stay-the-course plan suggested in the Finance Minister’s budget speech yesterday.

New crossing likely to be tolled

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It appears more than likely that South Deltans will have to pay each time they use the bridge set to replace the George Massey Tunnel.

Tolls are already a fact of life when it comes to the recently constructed Golden Ears and Port Mann bridges, while the same is expected when the aging Pattullo span is eventually replaced.

No comfort in seniors wheelchair 'money grab'

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Seniors in wheelchairs across B.C. living in residential care are going to have even more money picked out of their pockets by the cash-hungry provincial government, according to an independent MLA.