Most provincial revenue comes from taxes, which in turn funds the services we use.  How the province chooses to brings in its revenue matters: over the years, our tax burden has shifted away from corporations and onto the individual consumer. While user fees have also steadily increased, the HST most recently has became the lightning rod for voters angry at financial decisions being made which disregard the interest of individuals in favour of business.  Future governments now know that the public must be included in decisions that affect our pocket books.



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Guaranteed minimum income is deserving of a closer look

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A couple of weeks ago, our MLA Vicki Huntington wrote in the Optimist regarding a couple of constituents who had fallen onto hard times. The details were hard to follow but in essence, the issue seems to be persons with disabilities who were trying to survive on monthly Canada Pension Plan disability pensions.

Guaranteed minimum income: A solution to the social and economic price of poverty?

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In my MLA report last week, I briefly discussed a couple sad stories from the constituency office: Two kind individuals in our community who have no option but to rely on the B.C.'s Persons With Disabilities benefits for survival.

UNCOMMON SENSE: BC Liberals offer little with latest budget

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The speech from the throne and the budget both delivered the sort of promises little Johnny might make during bedside prayer.

"One day I'm going to grow up to be an astronaut or a hockey player and I'll be a millionaire and have six houses and 14 cars and a private jet."

Delta South MLA re-introduces bill to move election date

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Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington re-introduced legislation Monday aimed at preventing future elections from interfering with the provincial budget process like was the case last year.

B.C.'s fixed election date in May currently lies in the middle of the budget period and the independent MLA says it needs to move to the fall as it is in most other Canadian provinces.