LegislatureThe provincial government is responsible for many services we rely on in our daily lives.  Whether its with healthcare, education; BC Hydro or ICBC, voters can help determine the strength of our social safety net – and the accessibility and efficiency of all government services.  Always feel free to contact my constituency office with ideas about how our government can serve us all best.


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BC Budget consultation underway

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Delta, B.C. – Independent MLA Vicki Huntington is encouraging our community to participate in the Vancouver budget consultation hearing.  On Thursday the B.C. Legislature’s finance committee opens the doors for public input on the priorities, programs and policies of the next B.C. Budget. 

Delta South is stopping all polluters and poachers

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Conservation officers are committed to protecting the fragile ecological balance of our province and deserve more regognition for their tireless work. 

Choice needed when it comes to SmartMeters

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SmartMeters! They are coming your way and there is no choice: you will have a SmartMeter installed on your home. You can pay to have it relocated near your home, but install it they will, like it or not. A lot of people are not happy and want me to do something about it.

Delta South MLA wants funding to wildlife rehabilitation centres reinstated

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Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington has encouraged Forestry and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson to follow-through with a hinted move to reinstate funding for wildlife rehabilitation centres.