LegislatureThe provincial government is responsible for many services we rely on in our daily lives.  Whether its with healthcare, education; BC Hydro or ICBC, voters can help determine the strength of our social safety net – and the accessibility and efficiency of all government services.  Always feel free to contact my constituency office with ideas about how our government can serve us all best.


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Statement on ongoing labour dispute

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The government’s plan to compensate parents if BCTF job action continues is a disappointing negotiating tactic. All energies should be focused on the bargaining table, and I hope that both sides are committed to meaningful negotiations when discussions resume today. Our children should not be the victims of a broken process. There is no excuse for losing a single day of the fall term.

Treat them like tenants, not squatters

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For more than two years, Port Metro Vancouver has been engaged in a nasty fight with businesses along the Fraser River over water-lot lease rate hikes that range from two to five times what they have been paying.

Look north for health services

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Those arbitrarily drawn lines sometimes require revision.

Guaranteed minimum income is deserving of a closer look

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A couple of weeks ago, our MLA Vicki Huntington wrote in the Optimist regarding a couple of constituents who had fallen onto hard times. The details were hard to follow but in essence, the issue seems to be persons with disabilities who were trying to survive on monthly Canada Pension Plan disability pensions.