LegislatureThe provincial government is responsible for many services we rely on in our daily lives.  Whether its with healthcare, education; BC Hydro or ICBC, voters can help determine the strength of our social safety net – and the accessibility and efficiency of all government services.  Always feel free to contact my constituency office with ideas about how our government can serve us all best.


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Thousands sign petition to return BC ferries to BC government

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The people of Delta deserve the care others receive

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Delta has the little hospital that could. And Delta has the people who make sure it can.

Our slice is just the crumbs

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If I were in their shoes, I'd be voting "yes" too.


TransLink Vote is not Black and White

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This spring, Metro Vancouver residents will be asked to vote on a 0.5% increase in PST to fund the Mayors’ Council vision for transit in Metro Vancouver. Although it’s ultimately up to the voters to decide whether they support the plan, it is interesting that both the Liberals and the NDP are now urging voters to support a ‘yes’ vote.