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Vicki at the micBy choosing not to join a political party, my route to provincial office was different than any other MLA in the past 60 years.  As an independent MLA, I have my own staff – two researchers and two constituency assistants – who each help me each day as I work to represent my constituents and tackle the many challenges and opportunities we face.  Plus, unlike other MLAs, I am not constrained by party rules and doctrine, and can speak out on behalf of my constituents – no matter the issue.

To illustrate my commitment to accountability I have an open-book policy for any Delta South resident wishing to view my expense reports.  Contact my constituency office to set up an appointment.



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Submission to the CEAA: Define the cumulative effects of Terminal 2

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The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's (CEAA) latest round of public consultation for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion has been public input into the draft Terms of Reference.

BC government charges over $2,000 to release internal documents on Lyme disease

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Vancouver, BC - In response to a freedom of information (FOI) request filed by a patient regarding the non-treatment of Lyme disease at the Complex Chronic Disease Program (CCDP) at BC Women’s Hospital the provincial government said the documents will not “contribute positively to a matter of public interest” and will only be released upo

Broken system is holding students in B.C. hostage

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It beggars belief the BCTF and the B.C. government have achieved nothing over the summer. And it is beyond frustrating that these two parties, who couldn't even get to a mediated discussion, are also unable to agree on going to arbitration.

Both sides to blame: MLA

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Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington says both sides are to blame for the stalemate in the contract dispute between B.C. teachers and the province.

"I just feel that the whole system is broken... This is ridiculous," she said this week.

"They have got to start accepting the reality of each other's position," said the independent MLA.