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Vicki at the micBy choosing not to join a political party, my route to provincial office was different than any other MLA in the past 60 years.  As an independent MLA, I have my own staff – two researchers and two constituency assistants – who each help me each day as I work to represent my constituents and tackle the many challenges and opportunities we face.  Plus, unlike other MLAs, I am not constrained by party rules and doctrine, and can speak out on behalf of my constituents – no matter the issue.

To illustrate my commitment to accountability I have an open-book policy for any Delta South resident wishing to view my expense reports.  Contact my constituency office to set up an appointment.



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Political interests trump privacy concerns: Huntington

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Victoria, B.C. – The government’s Election Amendment Act is now set to become law, which MLA Vicki Huntington says is a blow to the privacy of British Columbians.

Election Amendment Act could violate your privacy, says local MLA

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DELTA (NEWS1130) – Would you want political parties to know whether or not you voted in the last election? A local MLA believes that’s a privacy question our provincial government needs

New Election Act amendments do nothing: Huntington

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Update - May 13th, 7:10 pm: Since the release below was published, the ministry has provided a revised version of its amendment that would allow independent candidates to access the new voters' data; however, Vicki Huntington's privacy concerns noted below still remain.

Province and political parties want control of elections

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The provincial government and the courts are doing their best to keep participation in elections under strict control.