Snow GeeseThe extraordinary biodiversity of our land makes living in South Delta such a pleasure.  We are the key stop along the Pacific Migratory Bird Flyway, and the Fraser River delta supports the health of the fishery.  Responsible management of our land, air and water resources means recognising the value our ecological resources have for current and future generations.




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MLA calls for Lower Fraser River dredging plan

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Victoria, B.C. – Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington took to the Legislature’s Question Period today, calling on the provincial government to coordinate a long-term dredging plan for the Lower Fraser River.

Oil refinery across the border is one of the worst polluters in Washington State

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New stats from last year show the BP Cherry Point oil refinery is one of the worst air polluters in Washington State. The oil refinery located in Blaine, which is a 20 minute drive from the border, is the second highest single source of emissions in the state.

Submission to the CEAA: Define the cumulative effects of Terminal 2

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The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency's (CEAA) latest round of public consultation for the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 expansion has been public input into the draft Terms of Reference.

Sleepy Tsawwassen's wake-up call

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Massive change is afoot for the once cosy beachside community of Tsawwassen.

After a decade in which the satellite community grew by no more than a few hundred people, it's now expected that 7,000 people will move to the area over the next 15 years.