Photo of Constituency OfficeThe integrity of our unique community character is something worth safeguarding.  Maybe you are a local employer needing assistance navigating through red tape, or a family in need of presenting a strong voice to government?  Through my constituency office in Ladner, I work to serve community members, and find ways to improve the dialogue between our community and government. I encourage the Province to step back and consider the needs of citizens, before launching ahead with projects and programs devised by consultants, bureaucrats and special interests. 

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Independent MLA calls on government to review tolling policy

News Article

Victoria, B.C. – Independent MLA Vicki Huntington is calling on the provincial government to review its tolling policy to ensure fairness for people living south of the Fraser River.

Huntington pressed the Minister of Transportation today in Question Period about his 2013 promise to review the policy.


Meaningful red tape reductions in B.C. require more than political posturing

Blog Post

The provincial government has asked British Columbians for input on how to best reduce red tape in government. In response, I submitted the following letter to Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction detailing real-world examples of red tape that people in Delta are confronted with when trying to access social services.


No records found backing the B.C. government's Massey Tunnel decision

Blog Post

Today in Question Period, I asked the government about a number of freedom of information (FOI) requests on the decision to replace the Massey Tunnel with a bridge: Each of the requests received a 'no records' reply.

The response from the Minister for Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services was less than inspiring.