Photo of Constituency OfficeThe integrity of our unique community character is something worth safeguarding.  Maybe you are a local employer needing assistance navigating through red tape, or a family in need of presenting a strong voice to government?  Through my constituency office in Ladner, I work to serve community members, and find ways to improve the dialogue between our community and government. I encourage the Province to step back and consider the needs of citizens, before launching ahead with projects and programs devised by consultants, bureaucrats and special interests. 

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CBC Provincial Affairs: Preserving the ecological balance in South Delta

Blog Post

Normally, CBC Radio's Provincial Affairs segment consists of four minutes of free broadcast time given to B.C.'s "major political parties."  Thankfully, CBC did not forget the people of Delta South!  

MLA calls ALR changes betrayal of public trust

News Article

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington was quick to condemn changes announced for the Agricultural Land Reserve and the commission tasked with protecting it, saying the Liberal government is intent on steamrolling the reserve.

Status quo for Delta farmland

News Article

South Delta farmland remains protected following changes introduced for the Agricultural Land Commission, according to the provincial government.

Final chapter nears for water lot leaseholder dispute

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Delta, B.C. – Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington is thanking government for promising to treat hundreds of Fraser River float home and marina owners fairly when it takes over tenancy management from Port Metro Vancouver next year.