Photo of Constituency OfficeThe integrity of our unique community character is something worth safeguarding.  Maybe you are a local employer needing assistance navigating through red tape, or a family in need of presenting a strong voice to government?  Through my constituency office in Ladner, I work to serve community members, and find ways to improve the dialogue between our community and government. I encourage the Province to step back and consider the needs of citizens, before launching ahead with projects and programs devised by consultants, bureaucrats and special interests. 

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MLA calls for Lower Fraser River dredging plan

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Victoria, B.C. – Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington took to the Legislature’s Question Period today, calling on the provincial government to coordinate a long-term dredging plan for the Lower Fraser River.

Hospital needs advocates

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Editor: Re: Doctor sounding alarm over hospital cutbacks, Oct. 17 The article brings back memories and cries out for the need for a Delta Hospital advocacy group separate from the Fraser Health Authority.

An advocacy group would look after the interests of Delta and the Tsawwassen First Nation and could speak freely without threat of dismissal or cancellation of funding.

Hearing examiner rejects radio towers proposal

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In a surprise move this week, the Whatcom County hearing examiner has rejected the controversial application to erect radio transmission towers in Point Roberts.


All levels of gov't join public in fight against radio towers

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The application for the KRPI radio towers is going to a hearing in Bellingham during the week of Oct. 27 to 31 (excepting Oct. 28). A few interesting things have occurred on this file since my last update.

Whatcom County's planning department has recommended the project be approved. This was not helpful, but it is also not conclusive.