River deltas provide the best nutrient-rich soils, and ours is one of the best in the world. Delta is home to British Columbia’s most fertile farmland, just next door to many of our homes.  Future generations will depend on our success conserving this extraordinary land, by preserving the existing balance between rural and urban spaces in Delta South.

Our vibrant, active farming community carry the mantle of our region's great pioneering and agricultural heritage.

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Records show changes to ALC intended to decrease independence

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Victoria, B.C.


Independent MLA questions minister over farmland speculation

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Victoria, B.C. – Independent MLA Vicki Huntington questioned the provincial government’s commitment to protect farmland amid findings that real estate investors have financial stakes in over half of Barnston Island, located just north of Surrey.

Support for farming growth the focus of duelling reports

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The opposition committee, which includes five New Democrats and Delta South Independent Vicki Huntington, was formed after the government made legislated changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve, created more than 40 years ago to protect farmland.


Opposition Standing Committee releases report on B.C. agriculture

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