River deltas provide the best nutrient-rich soils, and ours is one of the best in the world. Delta is home to British Columbia’s most fertile farmland, just next door to many of our homes.  Future generations will depend on our success conserving this extraordinary land, by preserving the existing balance between rural and urban spaces in Delta South.

Our vibrant, active farming community carry the mantle of our region's great pioneering and agricultural heritage.

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ALR Bill lost sight of democracy: Huntington

News Article

Victoria, B.C. – Failed consultation, misleading public relations, and a unanimous vote of opposition from the organization representing B.C. farmers means government must immediately back down from its “undemocratic” farmland legislation, says Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington.

CBC Provincial Affairs: Preserving the ecological balance in South Delta

Blog Post

Normally, CBC Radio's Provincial Affairs segment consists of four minutes of free broadcast time given to B.C.'s "major political parties."  Thankfully, CBC did not forget the people of Delta South!  

ALC changes harm food security

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A Trojan horse is the best way I can describe the government’s proposed changes to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). While it is being sold as a way to help farmers, the changes would open up 90 per cent of B.C.’s protected farming landbase to development, bringing potentially devastating consequences down the road.


MLA calls ALR changes betrayal of public trust

News Article

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington was quick to condemn changes announced for the Agricultural Land Reserve and the commission tasked with protecting it, saying the Liberal government is intent on steamrolling the reserve.