Water warning: Get the lead out

Times Colonist
Date Published: 
Sat, 03/12/2016

Quoted from the article (online here):

It's possible to ignore contaminated water when the people drinking it live hundreds of kilometres away; it's a lot harder when that water is flowing down your own throat.

Delta South Independent MLA Vicki Huntington had the water in her legislature office tested and found its level of lead was five and a half times the safe limit for drinking water.

Let's hope that the findings make her fellow MLAs sit up and take notice. Government agencies were slow to respond to concerns about lead levels in water at four older schools in Prince Rupert. Huntington's tests are a reminder that with aging buildings, potential problems are widespread. ...

While Huntington thinks this is a public-health issue that should be tackled by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Dr. Perry Kendall, the provincial health officer, says it's not. The Drinking Water Protection Act, he says, makes it the responsibility of building owners - and that includes school districts. ...

As Huntington's tests showed, health hazards can lurk even in buildings that look safe.

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