Re-routing Kinder Morgan pipeline to Delta is a non-starter

Independent MLA for Delta South Vicki Huntington issued the following statement in response to former B.C. Premier Mike Harcourt’s suggestion that the Kinder Morgan pipeline be re-routed to Delta.
“Re-routing Kinder Morgan’s pipeline to the mouth of the Fraser River is a clear non-starter. The Fraser River delta is critical ecological habitat for millions of threatened shorebirds and salmon, and a bitumen spill on Delta’s foreshore would be a disaster with monumental environmental, social and economic consequences. I am firmly opposed to any such suggestion and the people of Delta will not stand for it.”
“Mr. Harcourt is the latest in a line of political figures who do not understand the sensitive habitat at Roberts Bank, which is part of the great Fraser estuary. Last year Premier Notley weighed in with the same misguided suggestion.”
“Kinder Morgan’s own documents state that Delta and other terminus alternatives ‘would result in significantly greater cost, larger footprint and additional environmental effects.’ I hope in any future statements Mr. Harcourt will consider Delta and the Fraser River estuary as a non-negotiable option when speaking about any future oil export proposal.”
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