Politics? There's an app for that

Burnaby Now
Tereza Verenca
Date Published: 
Wed, 12/21/2016

Quoted from the article (online here):

Two web developers from Burnaby have helped create the first-ever web app that shows the voting records of B.C. MLAs. ...

Singleton-Fookes noted Imagine X is working on getting more "high-profile" independents like Vicki Huntington elected next spring when British Columbians go to the polls. Huntington has served two terms as an independent MLA for Delta South and was the first independent elected to the B.C. legislature in over 60 years. ...

"I think it is possible, or I'd like to think so, that more independents could get elected and strong, independent candidates could kind of change the narrative," he said. "We feel if there were more people in the legislature actually engaging in the policy and contributing rather than just voting on the party lines, we would get better outcomes as society."

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