'Never be another vicki' - MLA will be missed

Vancouver Sun
Vaughn Palmer
Date Published: 
Wed, 01/18/2017

Quoted from the article (online here):

There was no missing the tone of regret last week when Vicki Huntington announced she will retire at the next election after two terms as an independent member of the B.C. legislature from Delta South. ...

The accolades were not long in coming, given her unique status. She was the first person to be elected to the legislature as an independent since the 1940s and the only independent to secure re-election since party lines solidified early in the 20th century.

What's more, she proved an independent could serve a constructive purpose in a legislature polarized on party lines. ...

"The discipline of a party and the influence, the power the leader has on where you go and what you do in a party is pervasive. Party discipline is what it is, you read your talking points and represent the policy of the government and that's it."

Refreshingly, unapologetically, fiercely independent to the end - she'll be missed.

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