MLA Reports

As your Member of the Legislative Assembly, I have contributed reports to the Delta-Optimist newspaper, discussing some of the key issues in Victoria that impact us in Delta South. 

We have also mailed out several brochures which highlight my work and accountability to you. They are availiable upon request.




December 2nd, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
In November 2012, the provincial government installed five signs along Highway 99 to announce that construction was starting on a replacement of the George Massey Tunnel... in five years' time....
November 18th, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
People in South Delta are by now all too familiar with the commercial and industrial development that is encroaching on our community. It has become a fact of life and is unfortunately putting...
November 2nd, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
I wrote in a previous MLA Report about the problems with the traffic projections underpinning the business case of the Massey bridge project. Today I would like to highlight some of the issues...
October 21st, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
Most people in Delta South support a new crossing to relieve congestion at the George Massey Tunnel, as do I, but since public consultation began, residents have had concerns about the way the...
April 29th, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
South Delta is notoriously underserved by public transit. Reaching a destination can mean dealing with infrequent service, multiple transfers and inconvenient route options. These factors keep...
March 11th, 2016
by Vicki Huntington
There are some hopeful signs in South Delta but MLA maintains more needs to be done  In the last two to three weeks, my office has been flooded with people searching for a new family doctor...