MLA calls on government to end piecemeal approach to traffic congestion

Independent MLA for Delta South Vicki Huntington issued the following statement in response to the recent funding announcement expanding the Alex Fraser bridge:

“Today’s announcement is yet another example of the piecemeal approach the provincial government has taken to congestion across Metro Vancouver.

“The new lane on the Alex Fraser will simply move existing congestion slightly northward, while enticing more commuters to take the route, further congesting the road. The new tolled Massey bridge will worsen this situation. Even more cars will funnel to the Alex Fraser, which will leave a hole in tolling revenue meant to pay for the Massey project. The government’s own documents show the new Massey bridge toll will divert 33,000 vehicles each day to the Alex Fraser. Today’s announcement will only worsen that situation.

“I continue to call on the government to implement a regional tolling review so we can deal with these issues in a comprehensive fashion, instead of using taxpayer money to nibble at the edges of the problem in an election year.” 

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