Delta South MLA hosts youth advisors in Victoria

Delta South MLA hosts youth advisors in Victoria
Delta Optimist
Vicki Huntington
Date Published: 
Wed, 02/27/2013

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington hosted some special guests at the legislature last week.

Five members of the Delta South Youth Advisory Council visited the provincial capital last Wednesday to meet with the independent MLA and learn about the legislature and the parliamentary system.

Huntington said the council, which was created quite by accident, has provided her a point of view the legislature so often lacks - the energy, perspective and personal experience of youth.

Some time ago, Huntington said her office contacted several young people she had dealings with over the years to ask if they would participate in a discussion of issues not only important to youth, but of others from the perspective of youth.

"By the end of the evening we had decided to create a standing council of youth, and I was a proud and very impressed MLA," Huntington told the legislature last Wednesday.

The first discussion surrounded the critical issues of democracy and education, and out of that came advice on school curricula that Huntington said is truly valuable and which she hopes to share with the legislature.

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