Controversial mine gets second chance after letter to Premier

Globe and Mail
Mark Hume
Date Published: 
Wed, 11/23/2016

Quoted from the article (online here):

A proposed $1.5-billion gold and copper mine twice rejected by the federal government was given a new lease on life by British Columbia after the company sent a bluntly worded letter to Premier Christy Clark threatening legal action. ...

The Taseko letter was released to The Globe and Mail on Tuesday by Independent MLA Vicki Huntington, who obtained it through a Freedom of Information request. She wants to know why Taseko got its certificate so soon after Mr. Hallbauer's letter.

"Does it happen because of the letter and they buckled under with orders from the Premier's office? Or has Taseko been lobbying for the past year or so to get this up and running again and the EAO refused, but is now backing down because of the letter?" she said in an interview.

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