Comments on completeness of Terminal 2 EIS

Comments on completeness of Terminal 2 EIS

This week I submitted a number of comments on the completeness of Port Metro Vancouver’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for its Terminal 2 project. For this stage of the environmental assessment, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) was soliciting comments on information gaps that could prevent the Review Panel from undertaking its technical review. A number of organizations, individuals, municipal councils and First Nations groups also made submissions, which can be found on the CEAA's website. After the CEAA reviews these submissions and instructs the Port to make any necessary revisions, there will be an opportunity to comment on “the sufficiency and technical merit of the EIS.” My submission on the completeness of the EIS is below.

Vicki Huntington - Comments on EIS Completeness for Roberts Bank Terminal 2 by VickiHuntingtonMLA

Opposition Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food heading to Chiliwack

Vicki will be heading to Chilliwack next week with the rest of the Oppositon Committee next to hear presentations on issues affecting agriculture and food in the Fraser Valley.

TransLink Vote is not Black and White

This spring, Metro Vancouver residents will be asked to vote on a 0.5% increase in PST to fund the Mayors’ Council vision for transit in Metro Vancouver. Although it’s ultimately up to the voters to decide whether they support the plan, it is interesting that both the Liberals and the NDP are now urging voters to support a ‘yes’ vote.


Government reverses position on integrated policing

The government has introduced changes to the Police Act that enable them to force municipalities to join integrated policing services.