Statement on ongoing labour dispute

Statement on ongoing labour dispute

The government’s plan to compensate parents if BCTF job action continues is a disappointing negotiating tactic. All energies should be focused on the bargaining table, and I hope that both sides are committed to meaningful negotiations when discussions resume today. Our children should not be the victims of a broken process. There is no excuse for losing a single day of the fall term.

I know how difficult this strike has already been for parents, students, and teachers alike, but if the job action continues I believe that any money saved should go towards improving the quality of education in our province. After an agreement is reached, the government and BCTF should take immediate steps to develop a new bargaining process. This cycle of failed negotiations must end.

Guaranteed minimum income: A solution to the social and economic price of poverty?

In my MLA report last week, I briefly discussed a couple sad stories from the constituency office: Two kind individuals in our community who have no option but to rely on the B.C.'s Persons With Disabilities benefits for survival.

Statement on labour dispute in schools

I would like to add my voice to those who want to see the current job action resolved amicably and swiftly. The Supreme Court has found that the government has engaged in bad faith bargaining, while the BCTF is asking for more than government is willing to afford. I think we are all frustrated at the present stand-off, and we are in desperate need of a long-term solution.

Hard questions on Legal Aid funding

Yesterday it was reported that up to 75 lawyers in Vancouver will be withdrawing their legal aid services over complaints that the B.C. government is underfunding legal aid cases.