Submission on Massey Bridge Environmental Assessment

Submission on Massey Bridge Environmental Assessment

Below you will find my submission to the B.C. government regarding their application for an environmental assessment certificate for the Massey Tunnel Replacement Project.

There are a number of unfounded assumptions and gaps in information that need to be addressed for the environmental assessment to proceed in a meaningful way. It is my hope that my submission will help ensure the environmental assessment process can accurately assess the project's environmental effects.

For example, by the proponent's own admission, a change in the toll (or a regional tolling plan) could affect the project's use by tens of thousands of vehicles a day, with consequent implications for the project's environmental effects. The proponent has yet to set an official toll rate, which injects significant uncertainties into the assessment process. Similarly, the proponent makes a number of statements about agricultural land that demonstrate a fundamental ignorance of development pressures in the region. Additionally, proposed mitigation strategies for environmental effects are often presented without detail.

I hope the proponent will address the issues I've raised to ensure the claims about the project are founded on solid evidence, and that the mitigation measures proposed will adequately address the Project's environmental effects.

MLA Vicki Huntington - Submission - George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project EAO Application by VickiHuntingtonMLA on Scribd


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